Choose us to Remodel Your Bathroom!

advance-carpet-one-floor-home-st-peters-mo-bathroom-remodelWhen it comes to remodeling, many homeowners seek to cut costs in different areas so they can get all the work done that they want. While one of the most common areas to cut corners is tiling, Advance Carpet One Floor and Home is here to tell you that inexpensive tile and improperly installed tile can cause a number of problems further down the road.

In your attempt to save money now, you may end up spending even more money trying to fix issues like water damage, mold growth and more. With our help, you can choose high-quality tile for your bathroom remodel, all for a reasonable prices. This may involve choosing tile for the

  • Floor
  • Shower
  • Bath
  • Backsplash

How to Choose Tile for Your Bathroom Remodel
At our local showroom we offer a wide selection of tile, available in a number of materials, styles, colors and more! With options like ceramic tile, stone tile, marble tile and glass tile, you are guaranteed to get the perfect tile for the perfect price! We are more than qualified to help educate you about the benefits of each type of tile, and help you determine which will perform best in your new bathroom. The following are additional details about some of our most popular tile options:

  • Ceramic Tile – A cost-effective and durable option that has been popular in wet areas for decades! Its adaptability to enhance a number of designs and surfaces makes this a great choice for any home.
  • Stone Tile –Known for its stain and damage resistance, this tile is a great option for any wet area. Because stone is a natural material, it is able to naturally combat some of the most common problems encountered in bathrooms, like mold and mildew.
  • Marble Tile – Comes in a variety of color combinations, making its luxurious appearance able to fit within any style or design. It also is resistant to chips and cracks because the material is so strong and durable.

Top Ceramic Bath Tile & Ceramic Shower Tile Options
Because ceramic tile is such an attractive and practical solution for the bathroom, ceramic bath tile and ceramic shower tile are in high demand. Not only do we offer high-quality tile for floors, but we also offer a number of choices specifically for the shower and bath areas. Our name-brand ceramic tile options include countless colors, sizes, patterns, and materials. Plus, they require minimal maintenance or cleaning by homeowners, making them perfect for busy households with high traffic areas.

Best Industry Guarantee for Tile Flooring Installation
Our business is committed to the satisfaction of our customers, which is why every tile flooring installation is backed by The Beautiful Guarantee. If you aren’t 100% happy with your newly installed tile flooring, we will replace it for free! If you want professional tile flooring installation, guaranteed to look good and last long, contact our tile flooring store for more information.

Need help choosing the tile for your bathroom remodel? Contact Advance One Carpet Floor and Home today to learn more about our ceramic bath tile, ceramic shower tile and more! We proudly serve St. Peters and the surrounding Missouri areas.