Ceramic Tile in St. Peters, MO

ceramic-tile-saint-petersWhen seeking a durable product with an extremely high hardness rating and a classic look, ceramic tile flooring is the perfect solution for you. Our expansive showroom is packed full of the highest quality ceramic tile on the market, sourced form the best brands all over the world. Ceramic is among the most popular flooring options world-wide thanks to its durability, longevity, and wide variety of design choices.

Another factor that lends to the global popularity of ceramic tiles is the ease of maintenance. Compared to other flooring options, a tile floor made of ceramic requires very little effort to maintain. Sweeping and the occasional mopping are all that is required to keep ceramic in top condition year round. The ease of care is perfect for busy individuals or for families that see a lot of foot traffic. Keeping ceramic clean despite having a busy household is exceptionally easy.


Bring a Fresh Look To Your Home with Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile is among the most varied options when it comes to new flooring. From a roughhewn, natural stone look, to a polished classic aesthetic, ceramic tile flooring will leave your home looking fresh and modern. No matter what look you are going for, ceramic can be manufactured to suit it at a price that is affordable on any budget.

Our ceramic tile shop is dedicated to always having the latest styles and designs. Beyond that, we are happy to help you find the perfect style to suit your budget, style, and lifestyle. Whether you just have a general direction in which you want to take your decor or no idea whatsoever, come by our store today to get expert advice on everything from shape to color. Ceramic is the perfect choice for the modern household, able to match any style and hold up to the heaviest of foot traffic.


Many Options for a Tile Floor Made of Ceramic

There are hundreds of floors in our massive showroom to choose from, and just as many options when it comes to a tile floor made of ceramic. The sheer multitude of options may seem overwhelming at first, but rest assured that our qualified sales associates are on stand-by to help you sort through the choices. We can break down each and every style in an easy to understand way that ensures you are capable of making an informed decision when selecting the floor you want to install. Styles of ceramic floors we carry in-store include:

  • Textured Stone with a Pattern
  • Brick
  • Metal and Stone
  • Restored or Patterned Wood
  • Natural Stone
  • Quartz and Mineral Stone


All of these ceramic options mimic the various types of materials, but are 100% ceramic tile. You can get the aesthetic of many different materials with the incredible, long-lasting durability of ceramic. Whether you choose glazed, unglazed, or polished tiles, the texture applied to the floor will last a life-time, keeping the illusion of whatever pattern you select for years to come.

Contact us to learn more about the wide variety of ceramic tiles at our flooring showroom. We are proud to serve St. Peters, St. Charles, Florissant, Hazelwood, and Creve Coeur, Missouri, and surrounding areas.